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Playground? Codeground!
Codeground is a real-time coding website
open to those interested in software development
and algorithms.

"Communicate with other developers,
upgrade your programming skills!"

codeground #1

Solve algorithmic puzzles anytime, anywhere!

  • Different levels of problem sets are open to all users on our website.
  • Directly write your source code without configuring a development environment or installing development tools.
  • Submit your source code and get your submission results in real time.

codeground #2

Share your source code and discuss it with other developers!

  • Share your knowledge with other developers through discussions and code sharing.
  • Got stuck in the middle of solving a problem?
    Communicate with other developers and solve the problem!
  • There are various ways to solve problems and get a perfect score.
    Try to find better source code and algorithms and learn from them.

codeground #3

Hold your own programming contest!

  • Anyone can host and join a programming contest.
  • Are you a student who wants to test coding skills with friends or a professor who would like to evaluate students' understanding and knowledge? You can host your own competition on our website.
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